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Our team has the aim that Epirus’ modern visitors share the remnants of a civilisation, which is at the same time very remote in time, but simultaneously, because of its forcefulness, a very near-time civilisation, which has its roots in antiquity.

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Vaggelis Roumpas

Born in Athens to parents originating from the north-western region of Ioannina. From an early age he dealt with the traditional dance at feasts and festivals of his parents’ region.

He participated as a key member of the dance group “Greek dances Dora’s Stratou Theatre” and as a dance teacher in the beginners’ adults department. He has also taught at cultural centers and clubs in the region of Attica, while he has participated in the research project the “EPIRUS of Pentatonia”, a book series, four CDs and a DVD, as a choreographer and dancer.

Alongside, he has been doing ethnographic research in the villages of Pogoni/Epirus